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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How To Make Your Items Pop Using Photoshop

This is a frustrating topic for me but NO MORE.... I was surfing etsy trying to find some good tips on taking pictures of my handmade goodies and I happen across this blog "The Sellers Assisting Sellers Blog"  

I have taken photography classes in college and thought that I had a great eye for taking pictures.  I mean, everyone always told me that I did & I believed them.  However, I normally take pictures outside of my flowers (a favorite subject of mine) and the beach.  Lighting was always good and natural.

So, when I started taking still life's of my knitting the light was never right.  Never.  I found this so frustrating.  I read my camera's manual and searched on line for tips on improving my pictures.  I found little that could help me.  I also started to teach myself photoshop.  A program that I found even ore frustrating.  I have no training on it and I find it hard to navigate.  I did figure out a few things and it has helped but yet that elusive perfect still picture(s) eluted me.

I found an online tutorial on making your own light box.  So, I went to the good 'ol Home Depot & AC More for the materials I needed.  Some poster board, lights, daylight bulbs (they are blue) and clear packing tape.  I made the light box.  I was so excited!  Finally, I can take those great pictures that I have been trying to achieve.  I waited until night time and ran upstairs to start.  Big disappointment!  Again this left me frustrated.  I thought what a waste of money and time.

Then, I found the website mentioned above.  I was so excited, again!  I  tried it on a few of the pictures I took using the light box & it worked!  Hallelujah.. 

So, I figured that I would share this secret that I found with all of you.  It has really helped me a great deal.  It makes the background white and you can adjust the lighting to make your items pop!  I am so glad that I found this blog!  Thank you etsy for posting the link!

Now, i just have to retake all of my pictures and repost.. oh joy!
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