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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zibbet Rocks!

I joined Zibbet a few weeks ago and so far I LOVE it. My shop was so easy to set up and the community could not be nicer.  They all welcomed me with open arms.  

Zibbet is still small but it is growing everyday.  They offer great options for setting up your shop.  You can choose colors for backgrounds, titles, sections etc.  You can move things around, you can check your stats, you can link your blog, or YouTube, you can add avatars, widgets and so much more.  I am really enjoying the flexibility here.   It is so worth the monthly fee.  None of the other handmade sites offer such things.

I was a bit leery of opening up yet another shop out there.  It is a lot of work to monitor each site, learn each site and contribute to each site but so far I am still excited.

They have even created their own network called ning.  It has forums, chats, teams, Q & A, you can send in your ideas, and wait for it wait for it.  The admins actually LISTEN and GET back to you.  Yes, that's right!  They are there daily to talk to and ask questions.  Such a dream.  Communication is key in any business.  You can also create your own section within that community.  For example, you are a potter and you notice that there is not a community of like-minded artists.  You can go ahead and create it in seconds.  It's just great!

I did sign up for the Premium account which, right now, stands at $8 a month.  However, if you can get 8 people to sign up as well you will pay NOTHING per month.  Nothing.  If you sign up one person it will be $7/month 2 will be $6/per month and so on..  I think this is a great idea on their part.  It spreads the word and give us some incentive to get others to join and be excited as well.

So for those of you out there who are interested or on the fence just GO FOT IT.  It is really worth your time and effort.

PLEASE use me as a reference when you sign up.  Here is my id

Spread the word artists!

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