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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

French Press Slippers

I bought this pattern today from French Press Knits.  I have always admired these slippers.  They are simple, elegant, and timeless.  My two best friends from college are coming down this coming weekend for our much needed yearly girls weekend out.  I haven't seen them in a year. As we are all just so busy these days.  

It amazes me how different our lives have become but, yet we are still great friends.  A housewife who knits, a mom who is an interior designer who owns her own business and haute couture fashion merchandiser living the high life in NYC.  Just goes to show how strong friendships do last and last forever.  I love these girls.  We have been through many laughs and many tears over the years.  They are my sisters.

So, I decided to make them these slippers to remember this weekend. A little handmade gift to two very important women, friends and sisters in my life.  Thank you for being wonderful, for listening, for laughing and for all of our memories now and in the future.

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